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CRM Watchlist 2022

De winnaars van de CRM watchlist 2022 zijn weer bekend. Bekijk hier alle details op de website van Zdnet met filmpjes en samenvattingen van de bekendmaking tijdens de CRM Playaz Awards show.

De 4 grote trends binnen CRM die opvielen staan hieronder. Bekijk hieronder het filmpje met de toelichting.

Composable architectures, no code development (citizen development), and low code applications dominate the evolution of most technology offerings. These are not long-term or even short-term road map capabilities. They are on the agenda right now or have already been built into the technology stack.

Platforms and ecosystems are now mainstream and dominant in the strategic thinking of most companies (to varying degrees). This one was particularly pleasing to me. Several of us especially the Four Horsemen of the CRM Apocalypse – me, Brent LearyEsteban KolskyDenis Pombriant) have been advocates for this being the crux of tech industry thinking for years – and now it seems to be, at least in a very large percentage of the submissions, the crux of corporate thinking.

There is a pervasive idea that permeates the companies – which is to meet the customers where they are.  This means in most cases that companies are either seriously accounting for or at least providing lip service to do what the customers need in the manner they need it with the channels they want.

Finally, there is one interesting analog to all this (especially trend #3) that wouldn’t have been discussed if it wasn’t part of the optional question. There is finally an emerging definition of the idea of being “channeless.”  Three definitions (leaving out who’s they are) that make the point best:

…one step beyond omnichannel (NOTE: This was a common statement). For the customer the channel is secondary to their experience – …they simply want their interaction to be frictionless and personalized. While omnichannel connects multiple channels, channeless is about the experience.

Channel-less (referred by some as Multi-Experience) takes omnichannel to the next level – which is predicated on a truly holistic outside-in perspective. …Customers don’t think in terms of channels, touchpoints and silos. They think in terms of what they need to get done. The essence of the channel-less approach is…to understand and serve the needs of your customers from their perspective.

Channeless is the next step in the sophistication of managing customer engagement over different channels. In a “channeless” strategy, orchestrating customer engagement across different channels has become so simple that a business is able to focus on building an exceptional customer experience and brand experience without needing to worry about which channels are in play with a customer.


Highest Overall Score: Zoho

Winner with Distinction:

1.      Oracle

2.      ServiceNow

3.      Thunderhead

4.      Zoho


1.      Adobe

2.      Anaplan

3.      Creatio

4.      Microsoft

5.      Pegasystems

6.      PROS

7.      Salesforce

8.      SAP

9.      SugarCRM

10.  Veeva

11.  Verint

12.  Xactly

Best in Category:

Impact Statement (understood own impact & had the data to prove it):  Tie between Anaplan and Veeva

Mission and Vision: ServiceNow

Technology: Thunderhead

Customers: Salesforce

Privacy: Thunderhead

Partners/Alliances: SAP

Marketing Strategy: Pegasystems

Outreach: Tie between Salesforce & Zoho

Market Impact: Tie between Salesforce & Adobe

Culture: Tie between PROS and Zoho

Pandemic Response: Salesforce

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